Welcome to Jolly Jumper!

Who are we?
We are a student horse riding association that has existed for over 40 years! We are a small and fun association with approximately 80 members.

What do we do?
Jolly Jumper organizes two horse riding activities and two social activities each month. We also have a ‘borrel’ (drinks) every last Thursday of the month at our local hangout Cafe van Ouds

Once a week we organize a club lesson, which takes place at riding school de Veluw in Ewijk on Monday evenings between 7 and 10 pm. Every third lesson is a jumping lesson, the other two are dressage lessons or have a specific them we focus on. This riding school is easily accessible by public transportat and we usually gather at Nijmegen central station to travel there together.
We offer beginner and advanced lessons. If you have never ridden before, you will start with a few private lessons to get to know the basics. The costs for a group lesson vary between €14,50 and €17,50 per lesson, depending on the number of participants.

All our activities are non-committal, so there are no obligations. As with the club lessons, you can decide per lesson whether you want to join or not.

For a full overview of our activities go to Agenda !

Profitable Membership
Jolly Jumper isn’t only cozy and diverse, it also offers financial advantages.
All members receive a 15% subsidy on all horse riding activities. If you own a student sports card at the RSC (Radboud Sports Center), you are in for even more advantages. With a sports card you receive a 10 euro discount on contribution and you get 1 euro discount per lesson (up to 25 euros) which is refunded at the end of the year. This discount also counts when you hand in lesson cards (Dutch: leskaarten) from other riding schools.

In addition to that, new members with a sports card receive the first year 3,50 euro subsidy for each horse riding activity in which you take part (with a maximum of 17,50 euros). The total amount of gathered subsidies will be paid at the end of the year.

Finally, Jolly Jumper offers 50% discount on taking part in horse riding competitions, no matter if the competition is organized by Jolly Jumper or not. The subsidy will fund 50% of your participation costs (Dutch: startkosten) or a compensation for your travel costs with a maximum of 10 euros. To be eligible for this compensation you must hand in an evidence of participation at the associations treasurer.

Student tournaments
As a member of a student horseback riding association you can participate in student tournaments, named SOs (Dutch: Stedenontmoeting, which stands for meeting between student riders from different Dutch cities). These national student horseback riding tournaments cover dressage and jumping, that are hosted by us or colleague associations from over the entire country. We have a separate committee (SO-Committee) that organizes the tournament on behalf of Jolly Jumper.
They are very fun to join!

The annual fee is 20 euros. If you join after the 1st of april the fee is only 10 euros. If you have a RSC sport card we will return 10 euro at the end of the year.

Becoming a member

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to become a member? Then fill the form: “Membership”
And transfer the annual fee of 20 euro to NL75 INGB 0002 0474 07 on behalf of NSRV Jolly Jumper citing your name.

Note: The membership at Jolly Jumper is continuous. If you want to sign out make sure you contact us before the 1st of September.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us at: info@nsrvjollyjumper.nl